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We are more than a business, we are a team of people with an attitude to succeed, to find solutions for our customers and establish relationships that are built on trust that we deliver on our promises.

The Monex Group is built on wealth of experience and expertise, at the heart of the senior management team our individuals who have worked at every level of our businesses, this real world knowledge and hands on approach is key to our continuing success.

These values were established by our founder Rhys Howells, whose maxim; “there is always a way” remains at our core today.

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We pride ourselves on solving customers problems

Our goal is to establish long term partnerships with both customers and suppliers by placing mutual success above individual gain, we have used this principle to facilitate business relationships that span five decades.

Our culture is defined by our values

  1. Trust.

    We strongly believe all of our relationships are based on trust, we continue to ensure that from that first moment our partners feel assured of our ability to meet and exceed their expectations.

  2. Innovation.

    Haulier to cutting edge logistics provider, decades of innovation in systems, training and equipment continue to keep us at the forefront of our industry

  3. Commitment to Service.

    We understand that our partners have a choice, at the Monex group we believe end to end control and ownership of our services provides a unmatched ability to deliver on our commitments time after time.

  4. Passion.

    We continue to believe that the passion within our business is at the core of our continuing success , the desire to succeed and deliver is felt by all of our colleagues and partners.